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6-Day Rwanda Adventures – Nyungwe Forest & Lake Kivu



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Nestled within the heart of Africa, Rwanda emerges as a captivating and verdant landlocked nation renowned as “the land of a thousand hills.” This enchanting locale boasts abundant biodiversity, showcasing resplendent natural splendor that stretches across its picturesque undulating hills, extending as far as the gaze can reach. Throughout your journey, you will have the opportunity to encounter the awe-inspiring mountain gorillas residing on the slopes of Virunga, immerse yourself in the Nyungwe forest, a time-honored haven of uninterrupted foliage, and partake in a kayaking expedition upon the tranquil blue expanse of Lake Kivu.


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Tour Plan

Upon your arrival at your hotel or another prearranged spot in Central Kigali, your guide will lead you on an enlightening excursion that unveils the captivating history, culture, art, and local markets of Kigali.

An optional conclusion to the tour is a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial, a deeply moving and poignant experience that offers a profound perspective.

Pause midday for a delightful meal at one of our recommended vibrant restaurants in the heart of Kigali, establishments favored by locals yet often undiscovered by tourists. Whether you opt for a reservation in advance or decide with the guidance of your expert, you're in for an exceptional culinary journey and an authentic Rwandan reception.

In the afternoon, journey to Musanze, the location of Volcanoes National Park. Upon arrival, make your way to the charming lodge where you will enjoy the remainder of the evening. Your dinner and overnight accommodations await you at Tiloreza Volcanoes Ecolodge.

Tiloreza, a boutique establishment, ensures a high level of comfort for its visitors through an array of well-appointed cottages. The lodge's restaurant boasts a magnificent view of the Volcanoes, enhancing your dining experience.

Upon arrival, the incoming group will be divided into smaller clusters of up to 8 individuals, possibly joined by other tourists, and each cluster will be assigned a ranger. Following this, a brief drive will transport you to the trail's starting point, where you'll embark on a forest trek lasting approximately 1 to 3 hours. This journey will lead you to the presence of the gorillas. The hour spent with these extraordinary primates is an indelible encounter that will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime. Walking amidst a family of mountain gorillas is a wildlife experience unparalleled anywhere else on the planet. The proximity to these individual gorillas is truly remarkable. While exuberant adolescents exhibit their playful antics, lively offspring continuously vie for the attention of their parents. Aunts and uncles traverse together within an extended family unit under the vigilant gaze of the commanding silverback.

Following your return to the headquarters, make your way back to your hotel for a celebratory lunch. The afternoon will usher in a transfer to Gisenyi on the shores of Lake Kivu. Your overnight accommodations await you at Paradise Kivu.

During this morning, you will embark on a motorboat excursion across one of Africa's renowned Great Lakes. This voyage will grant you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty that envelops Lake Kivu, an experience that truly flourishes upon the water's expanse. Travelling by motorboat offers a charming and delightful mode of transportation. The motorboat will gracefully transport you to Cyimbili, where a captivating coffee tour awaits. This engrossing journey through a vibrant coffee washing station vividly unveils the entire coffee-making process, encompassing harvesting, washing, roasting, grinding, and the preparation of some of Rwanda's finest coffee—renowned not only locally but globally.

The influence of coffee on the small community of Cyimbili has been nothing short of transformative, ushering in sustainable livelihoods for numerous local families. In fact, while you may occasionally have the chance to purchase Cyimbili coffee after the tour, the beans cultivated here also find their way into some of the most renowned coffee brands worldwide.

Following a satisfying lunch, your next adventure takes you on a brief hike to Munini Island, often referred to as Napoleon Island due to its distinctive hat-like shape. Ascend to the summit of Munini, where breathtaking vistas await. Your overnight accommodations await you at Cormoran Lodge, providing a tranquil haven amidst this remarkable landscape.

Embark on a serene kayaking expedition along the tranquil shores of one of Africa's magnificent lakes, Lake Kivu. Under the guidance of a skilled and certified leader, you will navigate a modern sea kayak or sit-on-top vessel, gliding through inlets and across bays to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape. Encounter local fishermen, witness the workings of nearby fish farms, and optionally explore the hot springs, all while basking in the splendor of the surroundings.

A visit to a neighboring fishing village awaits, offering insight into local life, followed by an excursion to Munini, affectionately dubbed Napoleon Island, for a hike to its summit viewpoint and an extraordinary encounter with a lively bat colony. Concluding this adventure, a refreshing swim in the warm, clear waters from your kayaks awaits, providing a revitalizing finish.

A satisfying lunch precedes your journey to Nyungwe National Park. This protected area is home to Nyungwe Forest, a high-altitude montane tropical rainforest located in southern Rwanda. Established as a forest reserve in 1933, this forest forms part of the Albertine Rift region.

As the day draws to a close, indulge in dinner and find repose at Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel, your overnight sanctuary offering a vantage point to appreciate the stunning surroundings.

In the early hours of the morning, you will embark on a transfer to the forest to engage in a captivating chimpanzee tracking experience.

Prepare for an awe-inspiring hour as you observe a troop of wild chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Your adventure begins promptly at 5:00 am with a journey to a section of Nyungwe Forest called Cyamudongo, home to a significant population of habituated chimpanzees in Rwanda. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a local ranger at a modest visitor center. Once the trackers have pinpointed the location of the chimpanzee family, consisting of approximately 40 individuals, your trek will commence. You'll traverse the forest pathways and perhaps navigate brief stretches of the forest's steep slopes, fully immersed in the lush surroundings. Attune your ears, as you might catch the sounds of the chimps before they come into sight—swinging agilely from the trees or even dashing about on the forest floor in close proximity to you.

This extraordinary wildlife encounter promises a remarkable experience. For those with an interest in avian life, be sure to inquire with your guides about the various bird species that might cross your path. If fortune favors you, you might even catch a glimpse of the impressive blue turaco!

Guided by a Forest Ranger, your woodland exploration commences from the Uwinka Visitor Centre. As you traverse the terrain, be prepared to immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of this region. With a keen eye, you can spot some of the 310 bird species, vibrant butterflies, delicate orchids, ancient trees spanning centuries, and a diverse collection of 75 mammals, including 13 primate species. This journey unfolds within the spectacular expanse of the Afro Montane ecosystem, representing the largest surviving example of its kind. Remarkably, this location stands as one of the Earth's earliest continually forested areas. An exceptional highlight of the walk is the 200-meter-long canopy walkway, elevating you above the forest floor for a distinctive vantage point to observe this captivating environment.

Upon concluding the tour, you will drive back to Kigali, where your journey culminates with a drop-off at the airport. This marks the conclusion of the services provided.

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