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Roots Expedition

is an incoming and outbound Tour operator well established in Kigali, Rwanda. Encourages and develops nature based tours which can help raise awareness of the environment and conservation issues. We are obliged and committed to minimize the environmental impact of our business and reduce carbon emissions to protect the natural environment, social responsibility and economic prosperity for the benefit of our clients, tour operators and the host community. For this reason Roots Expedition does the following to mitigate climate change as a result of carbon footprints and Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to offer the best Sustainable Eco-tourism practices: • We have included training on environmental issues as part of our staff training programs- Minimizing environmental impacts. • Waste Management- we have developed environmental standards backed by training materials to assist and encourage improvements in performance by our accommodation suppliers. • We emphasize the importance of selecting suppliers based on community and workforce issues- we hire domestic staff in our operations, and we promote visits to host community projects or tourism enterprises. • We are working with long- haul tour operators, retailers and our clients to reduce the amount of waste generated by our tours- we take home all waste materials to prevent litter in the sites we visit. • We provide an element of customer education on conservation, advising customers not to buy products made from endangered species.
Our Vision

To offer comprehensive unique Sustainable Eco-tourism experiences backed by experienced safari experts

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